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How Lighting Plays an Important Role in the Overall Design of an Interior

You might not believe it, but Lighting is one of most important element in an Interior Design as well as in our daily life. Let’s discuss the importance of Lighting in the overall design and function in an Interior.

A well lit Dining Room for a Private Villa by Designer Studio

Have you ever entered a specific room and felt like something’s lacking or different in regards to it’s atmosphere? That the mood was somehow different than what you perceive the room to be? As surprising as it may seem, it is the lighting design that caused this impact on the room's overall look.

Lighting in interior spaces is way more important than most of us perceive it to be. The illumination of a room does not only need to be strategically placed but also aesthetically pleasing, functional and practical. Lighting plays an integral part of an Interior Design since selecting the correct lighting that compliments the space will enhance the design elements and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. Lighting plays a great role in the illusion of space and can make a room look bigger or smaller depending on the placement and the type of light that is being used.

For most people, Interior Design allows the freedom of creativity and expression by incorporating furniture, finishes and eye catching color schemes while lighting is most of the time being neglected or placed at the least priority. It does not only pulls the whole look together but also sets the right mood for the people in the room to be able to work efficiently.

Lighting is categorized into three different types:

1. Ambient (General) Lighting

This type of lighting is mostly used to illuminate general areas to provide an overall illumination to a room. It sets the tone to a space to create enough light for people to function comfortably and safely.

2. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that highlights and creates a focal point on a specific element of an Interior. It often adds dimension and draws attention to showcase a design. This is usually done through track and recessed lighting or wall mounted fixtures which can sometimes be angled to create a spot light or direction.

3. Functional (Task) Lighting

This type of lighting is usually used in work spaces, work stations and aids in performing daily tasks. When functional lighting is incorporated in an interior space’s design, it caters to the individual lighting requirements of an area by providing localized lighting. This helps in performing day-to-day tasks more efficiently. For instance, hanging lights over the dining table or kitchen island

makes the areas more lively and functional.

Understanding Lighting

All these different types of lighting have the same three core elements which are aesthetics, functionality and efficiency. When playing around with the intensity or color of light, these three aspects should always be kept in mind, regardless of the type of lighting that is being implemented.

Lights affect the overall design of an interior space drastically in different ways. For instance, lights, when placed incorrectly can make the size of a room appear smaller. On the other hand, strategically placed lights can make an interior look more spacious than it really is.

Similarly, the colors and placement of decor lights also tend to make a room appear crowded and cluttered or at times open and roomy. This also applies to how the placement and shades of light can make a room welcoming to people. Rooms that are well lit tend to attract more people compared to poorly lit rooms which are avoided by the masses. This can be seen in public spaces like libraries and community halls where interior spaces are always well illuminated and thus project a welcoming space.

With all the above said, it is evident that Lighting in an Interior space plays an essential role on how the overall design of an Interior space is perceived and to create a safe and comfortable environment besides adding aesthetics to an Interior.

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