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The Evolution of the Majlis

The interior design industry in Qatar is turning over a new leaf. However, the concept of the majlis sustains, as it has throughout the history of this region. While most of us give little to no thought, just like everything else, the trend for designing and decorating the majlis has evolved dramatically over the years –thankfully, for the better!

Nonetheless, the majlis furniture still holds the centuries-old beauty and allure of the meeting place that brought families and friends together under one roof. Scroll down to take a quick walk through history to understand the gradual evolution of the majlis furniture and how it led to the contemporary majlis designs that are so popular nowadays.

Pre Oil Discovery Era

It does not come as a surprise that the designs were very basic in this era. The majlis was more about necessity than comfort or aesthetics. Minimal materials were used in the majlis.

Mostly, only the locally sourced materials were used because they were conveniently available. Wooden doors and windows were commonly found in majlis. However, wood was imported, making it a luxury item.

While the walls were merely plastered, brass accents were evident in joinery detailing and door decorations.

Above image illustrates the components and materials of a traditional majlis

The Colonial Period

The colonial period brought inspiration from Europe. The locals started to import furniture from European countries. However, the bland layout remained the same. Meaning, just like in the pre-oil discovery era, the furniture was still tastelessly laid out against the walls of the majlis.

The Contemporary Majlis

Over the years, the trends evolved and today, the concept of majlis is quite different from what it once used to be. A contemporary majlis should offer the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. The basic layout is evolving into a more practical one that is equally functional and comfortable. The modern trends of designing and decorating a majlis have redefined how majlis has been viewed in Qatar for centuries.

People prefer better, authentic materials and intricately detailed furniture that seem nothing less than a piece of art. Luckily, from modular sofas, accents of wood and marble tables, many contemporary furniture brands offer everything that you need to decorate a contemporary majlis.

Above image illustrates a contemporary majlis design developed by Designer Studio

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