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New Possibilities. New Designs.

Residential design focuses on creating design solutions that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

At Designer Studio, we transform concepts given by clients, to livable luxury spaces. We also incorporate personalized touches in art and styling to turn your house into an intimate luxurious residence.


At the studio, we like to build personal connection with clients for residential projects that extend from the concept stage throughout the design process. We specialize in creating unique and luxurious living spaces that reflect our philosophy in design, but also accommodating to the client’s vision in what they expect their “Dream Home” to look like.


We love to focus on the details of the architecture and the selection of bespoke finishes, to create a unique environment and involve our clients into the endless possibilities in design. Through site supervision, we are able to ensure that quality is maintained and design is achieved. Our expertise includes selection of finishes and materials as well as sourcing the best fabrics, marbles, wood and fixtures. We go beyond the construction phase to assist clients with the most suitable selection of artwork, and styling.


Hospitality design is able to offer the most inspiring designs for today’s audience. Our aim is to develop designs that reach far beyond the parameters of hospitality design, to influence a variety of other project typologies.

Within the hospitality sector, we provide design destinations for service-oriented projects, such as hotels, spas, restaurants and lounges. Designer Studio specializes in providing quality designs worthy of internationally recognized standards.


Our clients are our partners when it comes to commercial projects, and enable us to focus on achieving the best design with the most operationally viable solution. We focus on the brand standard and identity to enhance the design to create signature spaces.


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